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Musician, Model & Actress Heyden Adama Bangura from Sierra Leone in West Africa, is one of the hottest acts in the Sierra Leone music and entertainment scene, as well as the new-age modeling world in the United States and beyond. Currently based in Washington, USA, the 21yrs old is not only a modeling star but she's also a singer and an actress.

While most successful American-based artists are traditionally born and raised in the US to actually make it big, Heyden has broken that barrier and has delivered some of the most real life results in the entertainment and fashion industry.

The spirit of Heyden's music and message epitomizes the spirit of Black consciousness and has kept her in high place. In her hit single Fit in Gbet (meaning just perfect in her local Krio dialect), she takes us right into Lumley Beach, in the outskirt of Freetown Sierra Leone, showing her love for her culture and country. In Fit in Gbet, Heyden has taken her art to new heights with the intricacy and combination of her soulful singing. 

Born and partly grew up in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Heyden had got a early calling in the entertainment business. One of her musical influences is South African bad-girl Brenda Fassie who, according to Heyden, inspired her a lot for Fassies girl power, Michael Jackson for being pretty much the great musician of all time. For her modeling inspiration is Somali model Iman Abdulmajid , and she dedicates her acting talent to Halle Berry for inspiring a whole generation of young women.

Heyden is among the new faces of Sierra Leone music but she has earned a quick reputation as the next big thing in the industry. She offers an afro-beat with a distinctive melodious voice. Heyden moved to the US in 2002 when she was barely 13yrs. Since then she has worked her way in high places paving the way for her music, modeling and acting career. Find all Heyden Adama music here on

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