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Isa and Hassan (BB) are two well established and multi-talented artists . They started the Double Bangz movement in 2012 when the two, then solo artists, realised they shared the same passion for music, and both believed in the ethos "Team work makes the dream work".

Prior to forming Double Bangz the duo were avid fotballers. Isa's professional football career was abruptly interrupted due to an injury , whilst Hassan decided not to pursue a career in football. However, both boys are university graduates; Isa aka IB studied Animation, whilst Hassan aka Mystery studied Actuarial Science. Their passion for music goes beyond getting famous, rather it is a platform for the duo to make positive contributions to their country and become positive role models to young people all over the world.

As Sierra Leonean artists based in the UK, they have been able to introduce their own impressive music style with hits such as 'No Lazy, 'Borcor' , 'Gbashy Gbashy ' and their most popular  hit 'Circulate' Featuring the legendary Awilo Longomba. 

With their unique style of live entertaining, it is therefore not suprising that fans have welcomed Double Bangz with performances in France, Holland and across UK alongside popular UK acts like Lady Leshur, Cashtastic, Mr Silva and Moe Logo. Furthermore, In 2015  they were the opening act at the Afrobeat Live event hosted by DJ Abrantee, a show that was headlined by JJC and the Big Bruvaz, at the prestigious Jazz Cafe where many established artists and musicians have given performances.
‎ In the same 2015  Double Bangz made history by becoming the first Sierra Leonean Music Act to receive nomination in the All African KORA Music Award 2016 for BEST GROUP IN AFRICA. Download Double Bangz music only here on

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