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Sierra Loene Artist YOK-7 (Yok Seven) Biography / Artist Profile On

I was born in the capital city of Freetown the Republic of Sierra Leone,West coast of Africa. In my childhood days I stayed with my father Abdul Osaio Kamara and Mother Mrs. Aminata Kamara. Living with my parents and other family members, I grew up in the up-gun community in a tiny neighborhood in the East end part of capital Freetown. This is a fantastic family. I have lived and grown to love them anytime I think of the strength I receive from them.

I attended the Saint Theresa’s primary school in Freetown from proceeded to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School freetown, The civil war started in Sierra Leone in 1991 spilled over from the provinces to the capital Freetown. As a result of this my family had to flee freetown as refugees to the neighboring republic of Guinea. It was not easy out there as refugees, but thank God for surviving the pain, struggling and sufferings we encountered during our stay in Guinea. It was as well within this period I started nurturing a career interest in music. I was by then performing in different night clubs and community halls. My popularity since then started growing and I became commonly known as Yok-7 which means, i am there (YOUR OBELUS KALEIDOSCOPE ) A BRIGHTLY COLORED FRAGMENTS OF THE UNIVERSE.

By the year 1998, I joined a musical group called PLANET SOUNDS PRODUCTION. It is with this group that I did my audition and qualified as a recording artist. In 1999 we completed an album called “PLANET SOUNDS COMPILATION VOLUME 1” in which I have two songs, namely “RIGHT UP AND HOW MANY”. About this time we also formed a musical team called “NOBLE SQUAD” the idea behind establishing Noble squad is based mainly on the interest of spreading Sierra Leone’s music all over the world, believing in our individual talents and contributions to the social debate of the country but doing all this in a non-violent manner. During this period we attempted at compiling a musical album which was not completed for the fact that some of my colleagues in noble squad fled Sierra Leone to Europe and America with the intensification of the war, some of them had sponsors within their families, helping them pursue further education abroad.

The quest for the music career was ever growing and so in 2001, I had to continue to record songs in studios this time as solo artist. In 2002, I started out with another company called “PARADISE RECORDS” this recording company was owned by a famous Sierra Leone musician by the name of Jimmy Bangura commonly known as Jimmy-B and he was the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company.

While in paradise records together with some colleague musicians we did another compilation called PARADISE RECORDS COMPILATION VOLUNE 1. It was from this we started thinking of ways of establishing contact with the rebels involving in the Sierra Leone civil war. Our first attempt was the launching of the peace campaign aimed at persuading the rebels to stop the war and drop their weapons, engage in peace building programs and necessitate the establishment of a permanent peace for a better Sierra Leone.

My song ranked among the best and soon became a hit of unthinkable proportion in the country and it was the number one hit for the rest of 2002 and 2003. The song is called “A-Bo” and it was done in our local dialect “Creole”. It is hip-hop rap-song and the first ever rap song to be produced in our local dialect in the history of music in Sierra Leone. Get all Yok7 Music and videos here on