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Daniel Kamara also known as Terror D is a Sierra Leone musician born on the 6th of October 1980. From that day it was not obvious that he was born to make his mark on the music scene, to leave his footprints not only in Africa but all around the world and by this stage you are probably thinking who is that? I have never heard of him but oh yes you have!

Terror-D, he is not only a household name in his home country Sierra Leone but 
this young blood taking the Hip Hop scene by storm used to be a little boy running the streets of Freetown with a dream in his heart just like any other. Though naturally endowed with creativity, he didn't actually take his music seriously until the rebel war stormed his city and he had to flee to neighbouring country Conakry,Guinea. Now that was the beginning of

Why Chose To Name Himself Terror D !!! 
He is called terror because back in those days every time he used to battle in rap competitions- he would win. After a string of victories he got street cred to the extent that each time 
he got into another competiton they'd be like " oh no he's here to terrorize us again" and from then on they callled him Terror.

To be the icon we all know now all he had to do was add 'D' for Daniel: twenty something years old, celebrating an international career and now based in Sydney, Australia.Inspired by the likes of 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Snoop Dogg now he's out to inspire his own, armed with a record company MIC CITY MOVEMENT, previously T.UNIT RECORDS, he longs to give hope to the less priviledged up-coming artists by giving them a chance to showcase their talents. He wants them to know that never mind the circumstances or challenges it can be done and he has himself to show for it. 

Considered as one of the best among the best, versatile, even doing a bit of R&B and Dancehall with popular tracks like AM IN LOVE and NOBODY featuring 441, Sierra Leone artist Terror D has got us all singing along. Amazing because he's done so well and yet has remained so down-to-earth. He's definitely the next big thing, it's just a matter of time before he's up there at the Grammys but you can still brush shoulders with him down the street and there'd be no issues, he's what we and the music world has been waiting for. He's Terror-D alright, surrounded by a spotlight, screaming fans but... he is still Daniel, your boy next door. Download Sierra Leone music by Terror D only from