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In a brief chat with Sierra Leone musician Arman, the talented singer cleared the air on so many rumors and gossip about him. In his own words, Arkman told that:

I am a Sierra Leonean by Nationality born on the 22nd January Abdul Razak Kanu aka ARKMAN. I attended the Saint Edwards Primary and Secondary School respectively and then furthered my tertiary education at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (M.M.C.E.T).

I started music locally at community level and later join the Artists United for Children and Youth Development (AUCAYD), a non-profitable community based organization (CBO) sponsored by War Child Canada project. Wherein I composed, recorded and performed songs that preached against youth violence and promote sensitive developmental issues.

In 2012, I collaborated with other local talents and formed a group called the League of Xtraordinary Guys (LXG) and with our collective efforts we produced an Album titled ‘SALONE SCATTA’ Vol 1. This album was appreciated by the Sierra Leone community locally and internationally and we won series of awards as a united front.

I thought it fit to go solo as an artist because I want to achieve my self-actualization needs which is to become the first Sierra Leone artist that will take our typical country music to the Sierra Leone community at home and abroad and to other nationals worldwide as music is a universal language that everyone is capable of listen, dance and appreciate despite language barrier. In September 2015 I released my debut solo album titled: ‘VANITY’. This album bestowed upon me local and international recognition and I became the most appreciated, followed, viewed and decorated artist in Sierra Leone.

My burning desire is to wake up one sunny day and see teenage pregnancy and youth violence drastically reduced that is why I am serving as volunteer and role model to support my developmental partners such as the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, local and international non-governmental organization worldwide to campaign against teenage pregnancy and youth violence through music. Get all Arkman’s music from