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BLACK ROYALS MUZIK (BRM) is a musical label based in lumley Freetown Sierra leone, founded On the 26 September 2016 under the management of Mr. Alhaji B Thoronka commonly known as Manager AB. BRM record label is a label of young youth in different areas of music genres like rappers, singers and free styler, all at the same youthful age.

BRM recorded their first song titled "POP COLLAR" in October 2016 which makes them to popular in their community. In the year 2017 they opened the year with another classic hit song titled "ONE CUP" which also exhaled them beyond their community blessings started following them more and more when they recordg a song for a politician. As the door of success opened to them they recorded a classical banger titled as "BUMPER" which makes them to be loved by the Easterners and they make a fan base for BRM in the east end of Freetown.

In addition to their success and blessings they were crowned as the best new school label in their community, since then they have been guest in so many shows and beauty pageant in Sierra leone. BRM consist of six artist namely (SAILANS, DON B, MISAS, BIG MITCH, LUCKISH AND K.B.O).