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Sierra Leone musician Star Zee Zee, also known as Zee Zee, real names Linda Samai, the daughter of Mr. Patrick Samai (former vocalist in the military dance band) and Mrs. Sombo Samai (medical nurse) is a Sierra Leonean musician, born and raised in Freetown. confirms that, Star Zee Zee enrolled in various performing arts group and was first exposed to the music industry at the age of 14 when she joined the Stress Inc Records. After passing all the auditions inStress Inc Records, Star Zee was automatically introduced in a group called Ladies day out (L.D.O). By then L.D.O comprised of 4 female artists (Star Zee, Lady Felecia, Julie and Thelma).

In December, 1998, the group (L.D.O) released an album titled “Focus On Africa”. Star Zee’s inputs on that album brought her great fame in the music industry in Sierra Leone and beyond; she however went solo and hasn’t looked back since.

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