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**Before sending us your music, make sure that you have a well written BIOGRAPHY. We advise all Sierra Leone Musicians to have a Biography of themselves. This BIOGRAPHY helps us to create for you an ARTIST PROFILE on this website. Your biography should be in a reported speech. In your BIOGRAPHY, please don't forget to include information such as: Your real names, Stage names, The music genre you do, Why you chose to do that music genre, Who inspired you, Your date of birth, Where you were born, Where you grew up from, The schools you attended, Your family details, Any record label assigned to plus any other information you think would be important for the readers and fans to know. We advise you NOT to use any short forms or abbreviations when writting your BIOGRAPHY. Please Note: If you don't submit your biography, We will not add your music on this website.

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**We strongly advise you NOT to send us songs via whatsApp. When you send a song via whatsApp, it looses its sound quality. This website is used by thousands of people including radio DJs, club DJs, music promoters and fans who ONLY play songs with HD sound quality.

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